UK Casino Guide – How to Play Safe Online

Welcome to yet another edition of Casino PWR’s casino knowledge injection.

Let us face it. We are all Britons here. Some of us live in Manchester, some of us live in Liverpool, some of us live in London. And some of us live in more rural areas. Be that as it may, all of us live in the UK and are fans of online casinos.

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This time we wanted to write about online casinos from a very British perspective. More specifically, we are going to write about what you as fellow Britons should focus on when looking for a new casino to play at. Things here are not that complicated, but we thought we would still talk about these things.

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Look For a UK License

If you are British much like us, you should really look for casinos that have a license from the UK Gambling Commission. We are lucky to have our very own license here, so why not go for casinos that have a blessing from our very own Gambling Commission as well?

One thing that really separates UK license casinos from all the rest is that they are 100% certain to provide you with winnings that are free from taxation. It isn’t very nice when you are playing at a Curacao casino, for instance, and will have to pay taxes for your winnings. It is especially demoralising when you end up winning the jackpot from one of the huge progressives there and end up having to give away millions of pounds. You would definitely be hoping to have played on a UK casino instead… Of course, this is kind of a worst-case scenario, and you probably wouldn’t even mind all that much if you happened to still win millions of pounds.

Pounds vs. Euros vs. Dollars

Being British, you probably like to play with a currency most familiar to you—that being pounds. If you play at a wrong casino, you might end up having to deal with euros or pounds. This is less than ideal, of course, since you would have to deal with conversions as well.

When playing at online casinos, it is always a bit hard to regard your gaming money as real money. It just feels like it’s only numbers on a screen, which makes it easier to spend more than you were supposed. Just think if you actually had to play with real notes and insert a new one into your computer each time when making a deposit. That would probably be a way to control your gaming even better than you normally do.

Still, if you are playing with euros or dollars, you might feel like it’s not even real money, thus losing more than you would when playing with your very own currency. So, to keep things straight, you better stick to casinos that let you play with pounds.

Sports betting Focus

Lastly, we want to remind you that if you’re playing at a casino that is aimed at UK players, you are more likely to find all the games that you’re interested in. For one, we Britons seem to love sports betting, which is probably due to the fact that we are all football nuts. So, if you pick a casino that really caters to British audiences, they are bound to let you make wagers on football as well. This may sound like a no-brainer, but no one knows the British people like casinos that are situated in the UK or have a lot of British people working.

All in all, we really recommend getting to know your online casino before signing up. A lot of casinos that are not even accepting British players will have an English version because of all the immigrants and the like. Be safe rather than sorry!