Casino Slots – The Ultimate Slot Machine Guide

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casino slots

This time, we will be talking about Casino slots. More specifically, we will be covering the ways how slots differ from one another. They might look very much apart, but looks can be deceiving. Never judge a book by its cover when you are talking about the casino industry.

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Casino slots in a nutshell

If you have not played casino slots before or it has been a while, let us jog your memory a little bit. Casino slots, or slot machines, are games where you can win real money by wagering some of your own. Of course, as we have covered before, winning is not as easy as you would think it is. The games are certainly not cheating, but they are not there to make you money––they are there to make casinos money. Every now and then you might win, but it is certainly nowhere near guaranteed. The best way to win is just not to play and pretend that the money you did not spend is money that you won. Easier said than done.

Playing casino slots does not really require any skill. There might be some rare games where you actually have to strategise a little bit, but this is definitely not very common. Instead, you just push the buttons and the reels spin until they stop. Either you win or you do not, those are the two possible outcomes. It can all be summed up to sound very boring as we did here, but the fact of the matter is that the best slots games are very elaborate and graphically stunning. The algorithm that determined whether you win or lose is pretty simple, but the way that they show these things will leave your palms sweaty.

Different kinds of casino slots

When you get down to the programming side of things, slots machines are all very similar. Either you win or lose. On the surface level, however, slots machines come in an endless number of shapes and sizes. Even the collection of themes that there are is astounding. Do you like adventure games or movies? What about vampires? Egypt? Fruits? Flowers? Bowling? Specific movies? There are thousands of different games for every different taste on the planet. Do you like either football, ice hockey, or basketball? You can be sure that each of these real-life sports has a specialised slot available.

In addition to different themes, even the number of reels differs. Most classic slots machines only have three reels, whereas nowadays the industry is filled with five-reel slots. Even if you do not like reels, there are games where stuff falls from the sky and creates clusters. The sky is the limit, really.

Choose a game with high RTP

The most important thing to consider to maximise your wins is each slots machine’s RTP (return to player). This percentage basically tells you how likely it is to score a win, so you might want to aim for slots with a percentage above 96%. No matter the theme is the RTP is not any good, right?

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