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Once again, welcome to another Casino PWR article. This time we will be shedding light on something extremely import—as well as controversial—and that is casino bonuses. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of smoke and mirrors related to casino bonuses and sometimes it is even hard to decipher what they are.

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As you know, we at Casino PWR do love ourselves a great casino, but at the same time, we are very critical of casinos that are there to just con you. Oh yes, there are some casinos out there that are using their legerdemains to entice you more than you normally would be. We are here to expose all those magic tricks in order to elevate the casinos that truly are worth it.

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What are some of the tricks that online casinos are using with their casino bonus?

How much do you have time? Right here we are going to expose a long list of all kinds of tomfoolery that some casinos partake in. If you have not played all that much, do not be afraid. We are not here to say that you should never play at online casinos—we do ourselves, constantly—we are just saying that you should really keep your eyes peeled for some of the oldest tricks in the book.

Big numbers

As the competition between casinos has reached an all-time high, it is no wonder that some casinos are stooping quite low to achieve at least a modicum of success. This is a brutal industry, so it is only understandable that casinos are doing certain things to stay afloat in the sea of online casinos.

One of the most common tricks for online casinos to make their bonuses look better is just presenting you with big, huge numbers. When we think about prices, we want to see small numbers, but, when we are being gifted a bonus, we would much rather have 500 that 50 pounds’ worth, would we not? The online casinos know this and many of them want to give you huge numbers as a result. This, however, is not necessarily in any relation to how big of a chance they are giving you to win.

The truth is always hiding behind the big numbers. No matter if the casino bonus is giving you £1000 extra if you have a wagering requirement as high as 60x. This would just mean that you have to wager 1000 x 60 = £60,000 worth, which is basically impossible if you do not hit a jackpot or something very close to it. We would much rather have a £100 bonus with wagering requirements of 25x. £2,500 is a whole heck of lot easier to rollover than £60,000 is for sure!

Caps on winnings

This one here can truly sting. Think about having a £100 bonus and hitting the jackpot. As a result, you could soon have something like £10,000 on your hands. Now, let us say that you forgot to read the fine print where it says that the capped winnings when playing with a bonus are only 10x your initial deposit! Oopsie—there goes your thousands of pounds! You did manage to win, yes, but you lost it all due to a winnings cap.

Maximum bet

Last, but not least is the maximum bet trick. Some casino bonuses only see you using, say, a 5-pound maximum bet. If you go over this even once, you will forfeit all of your winnings. Careful when pushing those buttons there!

Stay vigilant

We could list a few more, but instead we encourage you to always read the bonus terms and conditions. You never know what might be there!