How Legal is it to Gamble in Australia?

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Gambling in Australia prior to 2001 was looked upon as dangerous and there were certain laws that tried to restrict Australians from playing. However, due to them loving card games and other betting games they allowed gambling to be legal. In 2001 online gambling in Australia was made legal with a few limitations involved including offering real money over the internet. Online gambling sites are offered to Australian players also so it was a little difficult to reinforce the laws. Fast forward to 2020 and the Gambling Act is passed in Australia so that their gamblers can play while being able to win money online but there are still a few restrictions that Australians have to be careful of while they are gambling so that they don’t get caught up in the law.

Gamble at Your Own Risk

The biggest challenge that Australians have to face while participating in online gambling sites is that any of the websites available for them to use are not regulated on the territory of the country of Australia. This means that if a gambler runs into any problems while gambling on any online casino site, they won’t receive any help from the country’s gambling authority. This can be incredibly problematic if the casino doesn’t pay you the correct amount of winnings or someone hacks into your bank account in the midst of a transaction with the online casino. The country will leave you on your own to solve the issue.

Offshore Gambling

Australia does have a few online casinos that operate locally because the slot machines, or pokies, are a favorite. However, because of different restrictions, they are incredibly hard to find. This causes most Australian gamblers to go to the casinos in other countries that welcome them to their site. The biggest concern with online gambling in other countries is worrying about whether or not it is a safe place to play. Due to the Australian Gambling Authority not willing to help if someone in their country runs into problems on one of these sites, gambling at an online casino in another country is a huge risk. Players would have to be extra cautious with their banking methods and do a ton of research on an online casino that they choose to gamble in.

No In-Play Betting

Another popular form of gambling that is being seen in more online casinos around the world is sports betting. Unfortunately for Australians, they will not find any sports-betting in any of the few local online gambling casinos. That includes watching the game and then making a quick game when it starts. It is still against Australian laws. The Interactive Gaming Act prohibits any in-play betting from online sportsbooks that are based in Australia. If you choose to participate in offshore in-play betting, you will not face legal issues because it is permissible.

Poker Games

Another game that is popular among casinos around the world is poker, and Texas Hold’em is an Australian favourite. However, just like with in-play betting having interactive poker on an online casino based in Australia is prohibited. Local players will legally be fine if they play on a licensed offshore gambling site.

Is it Worth It?

If you live in Australia and want to do some online gambling, you have every right to do so as it is legal. As long as you don’t want to play poker or bet on any sports or horse racing online you can gamble and win some extra cash as much as you want. Finding Australian based casinos are the safest route but also the most difficult to find. Gamblers are allowed to do offshore gambling but naturally, it comes with somerisks. Also, the country will not help you should you run into any problems gambling or not receiving the correct amount of money. Since almost every online casino nowadays operates with great safety precautions your chances of having issues will be slim to none.