Five Virtues of Virtual Casinos


In 2014, Darren Heitner of Forbes wrote that people should not expect much from online casinos. Many years later, this popular opinion has changed. World events, technology, and easy access to the Internet have propelled virtual casino gaming to surpass growth expectations worldwide.

Key Metrics for Successful Virtual Casinos

Casino gaming has successfully adapted to the online world. Virtual casinos deliver on convenience, accessibility, choice, flexibility, and rewards, as you shall see below. These attributes mirror those of popular gaming platforms like Steam, resulting in an entertaining experience, stimulating games, and a balanced win/loss ratio.


Convenience was the earliest attribute touted by promoters of online gaming. Anyone with a computer and internet service could play. Unfortunately, the sites they visited did not have colorful graphics, eye-catching animations, or live opponents across the card table. Back in 1996, online gaming was a dull affair fit only for tech-savvy gamers. Convenience was the sole selling point. Las Vegas and Atlantic City were better and more exciting alternatives to players.

Today, convenience is taken for granted by everyone who has a tablet or a smartphone. You can play slots and many other games anywhere and at any time. You can enjoy several rounds of Keno while lazying about on your couch, or you can fill up your Saturday afternoon with a virtual Five Card Stud Hi/Lo session with global players.


Dial-up service and basic HTML pages heralded the start of the Internet age with little fanfare and absolutely no pizzazz. Massive improvements in browser technology and high broadband speeds have done a complete overhaul on the online casino experience. Audible bells ring. Reels turn. Opponents bluff and taunt. Lights flash. Realistic cards turn on the table. It’s like being at the Golden Nugget casino in Las Vegas.

Accessibility has taken on a new definition: players don’t need a fancy desktop computer or consoles to play. All popular browsers can now present games in full color, high definition, and at maximum performance. Capable mobile browsers are the main drivers of virtual casino market growth. All of these advantages make online games exciting and appealing. 


One early advantage of physical casinos was floor space. Vegas casinos can seem like an endless sea of tables, slots, and kiosks. People move from game to game at will. For virtual casinos, choice is a standard element, not a unique feature. When it comes to land casinos, slots, and tables take up a predetermined amount of space. Adding new games to the existing list is neither quick nor easy.

Virtual casinos, on the other hand, add new games every week. Players are spoiled for choice. Many games have free play versions so that players can try them without penalty or upfront cost. Most virtual casinos have hundreds of slot machine games. If traditional slot machines bore you, there are digital variations to try. In Money Train, for instance, five reels appear inside a train car. You will also get free spins and random wins while playing on many levels. Money Train players can expect 40 or more pay lines and wilds.


Previously, virtual casinos lagged behind land casinos in deposits and bankroll management. Today, players have many options, including:  

  • Credit cards  
  • eWallets and payment platforms like PayPal, GiroPay, and Skrill     
  • Cryptocurrencies via Zimpler and Ethereum             
  • Mobile phone payments to make deposits. The Goodluckmate website has a detailed explanation of phone options and limitations.  
  • Bank transfers and e-checks  

Players can see their bankroll balance on the screen at all times. It automatically adjusts with every win, bet, and loss. Players can set limits, too. For example, if the player desires a limit of $250 for one session at $3 per round, the game will let the player access 80 attempts and no more than that.

Bonuses and Rewards  

Virtual casinos offer more bonuses to new players. Welcome bonuses ensure that players begin on a high. Some casinos will provide you with thousands of virtual dollars to use at table games and slots when you sign up. This fantastic feature isn’t possible with land casinos.

Online casino promotions run all the time 24/7 to attract both new and regular players. Some casinos will match deposits up to a particular real dollar amount for a specific period. A new player can take advantage of a promotion with their first deposit to extend their bankroll. High-octane casino gaming is no longer reserved for land casinos only, as virtual players can enjoy the same thrills from their homes’ safety and comfort. With a phone, they have a casino full of diverse games in their hand.