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Are you new to online casinos or a true veteran just looking for that extra boost? We’re here to serve all the different tastes out there. This site was made by people with decades of combined online casino experience. We know how to get things done in this world – and we are ready to empower you as well.

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Is there a foolproof way to start winning at online casinos?

As powerful as we are, we are not here to spread lies or rumours about things that are not real. Instead, we will be offering you information that you can trust 100%. Also, we are not selling you anything, there are no ulterior motives. There’s just true and tried experience that will speak volumes.

The truth is that there is no foolproof way to win. Anyone that makes you believe that there is, is lying through their teeth and probably trying to con and scam you of your money sooner than you can utter the word ‘how’. Instead, there are some games out there with a higher payout than your average slot machine. Playing games with high RTP will be one of the best hints that anyone can give you. And if you don’t know which games have the highest, you can always find out by opening your preferred search engine and typing in ”high RTP” or something like that. We will not be giving you this specific info, but instead, we will tell you everything that you need to do to step up your game.

You should steer clear of games that have low RTPs. As entertaining and nice as they may seem, they are just there to take your money. It does not matter whether you are playing in USA, central Europe, somewhere in Africa, or if you play casino online Philippines.  In this industry, you learn to never judge a book by its cover. This same applies to casino bonuses as will be shown next.

Should I use casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses and casino free spins, are what today’s players are craving. Online casinos know this and they will entice you with welcome offers that have high bonus percentages and are basically offering you endless amounts of free cash. What they don’t tell you, however, is that you will have to work for the money as you would at any office jobs. Oftentimes you will have to keep spinning the reels until your fingers are sore because of rollover requirements. Rollover requirements mean that you will have to wager your money a set amount of times until it becomes real money. For instance, you might deposit £20 and receive £20 extra in bonus money. This bonus money could have a rollover of 30x. What this means is that you have to wager your £20 bonus £600 worth.

How to use £20 to wager £600 worth, you ask? By winning some, losing some, winning again and losing again. If luck is not on your side, however, you might lose before even getting close to 600 pounds. That being said, some casino bonuses will be better than others and while it does require luck to turn your bonus into real cash, it is still possible. What’s more is that at least you can play a tad longer than you would by just playing with your deposit money. This goes a long way in satisfying your urge to play without having to risk losing too much.

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At Casino PWR we want to give you the best information available, and cover the most trending casino subjects right now. Below you will find a list of subjects we will cover for your entertainment.

The list will grow as we add more content to our website, but I’m sure you already have a lot to learn from reading our articles. Also, don’t forget to check out our blog, where we always dig deeper into the interesting elements of the casino industry.

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